Three Electronic Scrapbook Ideas for Chinese New Year

Let us stop and think a minute, what has been the subtle impact of technology on our practice of new year traditional custom? Be it Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Pursa or other festive celebration for other races?

Has technology disrupted the tradition custom of new year?  Whether it is online purchase of new year goodies, exchange of new year greetings via social media platform, selfie and wefie photos that are scattered across social media platforms and the Cloud making it challenging to pull family photos together for keepsake.

Overall is the impact of technology positive or distracting? Attitudes towards changes to custom behaviour vary.  Skype has helped to bring relatives and friends across the globe closer. However, those who have been slow in embracing technology are feeling the impact.

Technology is here to stay. How do we minimise its negative impact? Everybody’s circumstances are unique but let me share some ideas around electronic collage or scrapbook that might be useful to you to make new year memorable where you can relive the moments for many years to come.

  1. Do personalised New Year Card

What we can do is to convert traditional new year card digitally, augment it with handwritten message to make it more personalised.

  1. Blend photos in digitally

Add pictures relate to the Chinese New Year for further personalisation that makes the collage unique and special for the year.

  1. Create an unique new year collection collage

Make one special memorable collection for the year compose of family activities such as  reunion dinner and the Chinese visit activities.

The New Year is a time for bonding, time for relationship and time for togetherness. Let us engage our families in creativity and fun activities family to create memories to live on long after the new year.

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