Let the Adventure Begin – Create your own Recreation Slideshow

I love traveling, photography and video recording with my smart phone. A potential perfect storm is brewing for me with loads of digital clutter clogging up my life and brain! Electronic scrapbooking enables me to organise, declutter and distill my media for keepsake. It can be turned into a video slideshow that engages the audience in a multi-sensory approach for effective storytelling. After near to a year researching and working on recreation video, I am delighted to present my observations of the different categories of tools in this exciting evolving area:

  1. Mobile Apps
    •  With the mobile phone and the mobile applications getting more and more powerful, fun and spontaneous personal video slideshow can be created in a matter of minutes. It is super easy when the media are already on the mobile phone and you are creating a short video of less than 5 minutes.
  2. PowerPoint
    • Microsoft PowerPoint has been around for more than 20 years. The new features in PowerPoint 365 and PowerPoint 2019 have greatly enhanced its capability for creative video slideshow presentation. Is amazing how the Morph transition, background music and animation can work wonders and enable slideshow to come alive.
  3. PC Video Editing Tools
    • These are the video editing tools that require installation on Windows or MacOS on the PC. They offer much more granular control for editing video, editing audio and video output. The flexibility and ability to tap on the media resources on the Internet make them ideal for producing high-resolution professional-looking video.
  4. Hybrid Video Editing tools
    • The hybrid tools marry the ease of use feature of mobile platform and versatility of the PC tools. They target the prosumer, a person who consumes and produces a product. They tend to be cloud-based and access to the application is via the PC Web browser or the mobile phone apps. They come with ready-templates that are user-friendly and boost productivity. They are suited for those who want to create their own professional-looking videos to publish on website or social media platform.

With so many digital tools to meet a whole spectrum of different needs, consumers are really spoiled for choice. As one size does not fit all, the best result can be obtained with a mix and match approach depending on the needs. While some tools are good for creating highly-customised solution, others are bundled with off-the-shelf video slideshow templates for personal or commercial use.

In summary, recreation video creation using digital tools really opens up many possibilities and let us experiment like a child without the fear of failure. The use of smart phone offers the opportunity, as never before, flattening the learning curve for the beginners and novices. Do join us to get started on your personal creative journey and let the adventure begin!

Note: Please check out the webinar series schedule on the details and availability to get started!

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