A Reflection on 3 Years of COVID-19 Pandemic

Courage to continue

Introduction During the past three years of the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore introduced a slew of measures, including mandatory mask-wearing, contact tracing, and restrictions on gathering. John Dowey said: ‘We do not learn from experience, we learn by reflecting on experience.’ Hence my motivation behind my self-reflection on the impact of the pandemic on teaching, learning,…

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The Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Adult Continuous Learning

Impact of AI to Adult Continuous Learning

Introduction According to Wikipedia (Note 1), artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence to perceive, synthesize, and infer information from machines. ChatGPT (Note 2) is the latest chatbot based on AI that could have the potential to disrupt certain jobs and industries. ChatGPT can respond to follow-up questions, tweet in the style of a particular author and…

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Spice up the Musical Moments of Your Life

Spice up the musical moments of your life

Introduction Music is a universal language regardless of language, race, and religion. Music has a nostalgic power that brings us back to a moment in time. The lyrics often resonate with the audience. Music reminds us of the shared memories that bring family and loved ones together during special occasions. It has the therapeutic and…

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Celebrating Singapore’s 56th Birthday

Celebrating Singapore 56th Birthday

Introduction Both my parents had passed away, and I missed them. I love to browse through the physical photo albums, reminiscing fondly about our lives, our memories, and our time together. Looking through the precious black-and-white family album taken at the Esplanade, brought back beautiful moments. The Singapore River has witnessed the history of the…

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Living Your Purpose – Care Pack for COVID-19

Care Pack for COVID-19

Introduction I like to help to lighten up the atmosphere as Singapore stepped up restrictions with The Singapore COVID-19 heightened alert. It is expected to last for a month between 16 May to 13 June. The Care Pack With the world COVID-19 situation getting worse, what I can do to help? I came across a…

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