Imagination is More Important than Knowledge?

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How I feel about Tell Your Story with Stop Motion WS


It is said that knowledge is important but imagination is at the heart of most breakthroughs. Imagination activates knowledge to create new solutions. This is evident from the results of the workshop Tell Your Story with Stop Motion at the Society for WINGS which had just been completed in early September.

Stop Motion Workshop Design

This workshop is led by Kowling, the art director and the brainchild behind the course content. She wants to encourage the participants to get their hands dirty and create stop motion animation with objects and graphics. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She painstakingly brought many ‘masek masek’ (in Malay this means toys) for object animation practical. She created beautiful paper puppets for the participants to use to tell their stories.

Building on the foundation of computer graphic stop motion, I introduced GIF (Graphical Interchange Format) and showed how it works and how to create it. In particular, the participants love creating animated stickers and Augment Reality avatars of themselves. In the above collage, the participants gave us their feedback about the workshop using their Bitmoji avatar stickers.

Showcase of Class Projects

I am sharing some of the class projects with the participants’ permission on the Orchid Creative Facebook Business Page ( Please find the summary to the links below:

  1. Stay Wild, go travel in the Digital World! is a video peppered with meaningful reflective messages about life.was role-played by her Augment Reality Avatar travelling wide and far to explore the external world. 
  2. My Journey with Stop Motion by Doris was role-played by her Augment Reality Avatar travels wide and far to explore the external world. 
  3. Fun with Stop Motion Animation by Cassandra brought her grandchildren’s toys alive like that of Toy Story (an American animated film produced by Pixar Animation Studios).
  4. A Magical Journey by Emily showed us her hilarious version of ‘Emily in Wonderland.’
  5. My Projects in the Tell Your Story with Stop Motion Workshop by Gina summarised her fun-filled experience with stop animation projects.

Call to Action

If you are keen to attend the workshop, please refer to the course schedule on this website.


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