Reflection, Reframe and Reorganisation

Many working professionals, full-time housewives, young mothers of school-going children, we just do not have the time for ourselves. We make attempt to be more efficient, better organized and super time management, only to find that more are piling up on our in-trays. The challenge is not so much about how we become better in solving this problem, but re-look at what are the meaningful changes in us that can help us to shift out of the current vicious circle. First thing first, we should let ourselves time to reflect instead of tending to urgent things. This challenge seems so impossible that it is like changing the engine of a moving train. A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. To slow down to reflect is that first step to enable us to reflect, reframe and reorganize our lives. Take the projects as follows in the book just to do this, and it can be an enjoyable and self-discovery process.

Provides the opportunities

That gives the experience

That creates the memory

That results in happiness

And this is the house that Jack built

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