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I must truly appreciate your effort made in class to teach us step by step and open the door for us to learn the skill. Thank you once again for your kindness and guidance. Hope that what I have learnt will also enrich my lifestyles.
Tay Peng Hian - Savouring Life Moments with Music Video

I had reduced 118 pictures into 18 collages and created a slideshow to share withy my family. My grandchildren will have no more excuses to fall asleep now.
Yeo Seh Boo - Tell Your Story with Electronic Scrapbook

We shared the videos which we created & encouraged one another to continue to learn & expressed our unique perspective in our approach to Tell our Stories with music videos. It was a most incredible & enjoyable learning experience. Thank you Lai Siong for your Guidance & Patience.
Carmee Lim - who had participated all the workshops

Love the energy Lai Siong and Kowling have brought in to make these classes so interesting, motivating and bringing new ideas. Thank you both. I think I am inspired to make a short video to register my gratitude to both of you.

Sanjay Anand - Private Workshop Stayed Curious, Creative and Connected Singapore River Civic District

"You could always hear lots of laughter in this class! I think we had such a fabulous time because we felt safe, discovering, and perhaps for some of us uncovering after a long time, bits of our buried creativity. We felt quite free to express ourselves because Lai Siong and Kowling were extremely encouraging and genuinely learner-centric. Kudos to this very talented but unassuming duo!
The techniques taught in this course are very useful indeed for storytelling in education, entertainment, personal memories... there are simply many possibilities waiting to be discovered! "
Jocelyn Lee - Tell Your Story with Stop Motion

Not a single dull moment experienced in all the 4 weekly lessons.  Great job Lai Siong!

Chia Kui Meng - Savouring Life Moments with Music Video

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