Journey of Learn, Live and Share


To many baby boomers in Singapore, we have the experience of growing up in a third-world country and retiring in a first-world country. This means we had few photos as we grew up, and we could have over-compensated by having loads of photos of our children and particularly those who enjoy photography and travel as hobbies. Hence we ended up with tons of photos and albums and memorabilia bursting at the seams. As part of legacy planning, what do we do with our sentimental and precious photos? They take up a lot of physical storage, yet we cannot imagine our children will bring them along after we pass on. I know some seniors have taken the drastic measure of not taking any more picture! Surely, there is a solution? Creating electronic scrapbook allows us to distill and choose to keep what is most significant and have the flexibility to stitch into slideshow to entertain our family. This act of decluttering is an integral part of the pursuit of mindfulness and digital happiness. In fact, less is more.

I have a preconceived notion that scrapbooking may be more popular for ladies.  To my pleasant surprise, I do have gentlemen who signed up for my class. One gentleman has lots of travel photos where he likes to organise and embed into his travel journal. Another one is a grandfather whom likes to organise the many photos he received of his beloved first grandson living oversea. I am honoured to have a pair of grandfather and grandson where combined age is 100 years old. It is great inter-generation bonding for them before the grandson goes for his national service enlistment.

 Besides collages making, the learners stitched the collages into slideshow to tell their stories. I was much heartened that they found the experience entertaining, enjoyable and beneficial. A multi-sensory approach made more meaningful with photos, hand-made collages and music that evoke emotional connection and remembrance of fond memories. No wonder one of the participants said good moments can be stored for more than a life time.

Here are some practical use suggested by the learners based on what they had learned in class:

  • Can send my happenings to my sisters and relatives overseas
  • Can store all my hard copies of photos into digital slides
  • Can use those slides to entertain family members on our gatherings
  • Can send Christmas card with my collages
  • Applying a moment for a life time and more
  • Organisation of photos for lasting memories can be done after any meaningful activity
  • I can create photo collages of memories that I treasure and in the future can be made to remember my love ones

I definitely have learned a lot from the participants. I love to use this platform to get like-minded people together to work on their collage and slideshow projects as they plough through those photo albums (hard or soft copies). Just like Elizabeth Gilbert whom adventure captured in her book Eat, Pray and Love;  the community can focus on the Journey of Learn, Live and Share. The best is yet to be, tune in for more!


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