Green Hybrid Chinese New Year Card Idea

In last year’s blog titled ‘Three Electronic Scrapbook Ideas for Chinese New Year’ I mentioned that one can create a personalised new year card and convert it digitally, augment with handwritten message to make it more personalised.

Now let me elaborate on the possibilities of this approach.

For example, let’s start with the good old physical handmade card. Make some traditional drawings that reflect the festive mood of spring and the year of the pig. Choose the paper colour background, it can be golden, glittering red or even Peranakan turquoise. If you have some traditional ink stamps, reuse them. Create a few unique Chinese New Year greeting cards with  varying composition. When done, digitise them by taking pictures of them. Remember that square-size dimension will be more Instagram-friendly though landscape or portrait will do the trick too.

Voila! Now you shall have your unique-designed digital Chinese New Year cards that make this new year a very memorable one! For the tech savvy ones, you shall send your digital card electronically to them. For the few who do not use the smart phones, develop the pictures in print to be included in a card and sign the cards with new year well wishes and mail them the physical cards.

To think about it, this is a more sustainable way to conserve the use of resources. We know the physical cards will suffer the invariably fade of being thrown away.  With the digital cards, they are environmentally friendly and you can send to many more people.  Your loved ones and friends will now have your first-of-the-kind and one-of-the-kind personalised card, and they can keep it for many years to come!



1) The painting of the year of the pig theme is from Serene Teo.

2) The mural is situated at Pagoda Street of China Town. The painting was completed on Sept. 16, 2018 by famed Singaporean mural artist Yip Yew Chong.


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