Legacy of Life Stories – Mission Impossible?

Leaving behind a legacy? It seems mission impossible. Really? Think again!

Leaving behind a legacy? It seems mission impossible. Really? Think again!

What do we mean by legacy? Sometimes we heard about legacy planning. But what I am talking about is not related to money matters or inheritance. It is about leaving something of significance that outlives us. It is an expression of love, thoughtfulness and compassion that goes beyond material things. So, what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

Many want to pass down their stories to their children or grandchildren. These stories are partially captured in the many physical albums with special moments shared and time together. But the children do not want to keep them. The prospect of having to discard these albums eventually is painful. Are there alternatives? Some may think of writing and publishing their own memoir, but it can be a tall order. Will the next generation read them? Some may hire people to write biographies for them. What can ordinary folks do?

Advancement of technology will help. We can digitalise those albums. But how to get the content organised, categorised and accessible whenever we need them? The answer is to convert selective significant content into an electronic scrapbook. Stitch the photos and words and weave them into a meaningful story in the form of a video slideshow. You can do this using a user-friendly mobile app or with a PC browser.

An Electronic scrapbook can be your digital memoir to leave a legacy for the next generation and beyond. It addresses members of the family by name and recollects the early days. It documents family celebrations and key milestones such as the arrival of grandchildren. In the middle, there can be a reflection of impactful events, such as a pilgrimage or overcoming adversity as a family. The comparison of past and present is emotive and triggers thoughts that give rise to words of wisdom. The words of wisdom can be related to forgiveness, unconditional love, gratitude, family harmony, etc. It may end with a grandparent’s prayer, appreciation and thank each family member.

Creating a legacy of memories is special, a priceless gift and a loving gesture. In every workshop, we developed warm fellowship, inspired one another with new possibilities and shared our creative ideas. Join my class and let me show you that leaving a legacy about your life story for your loved ones is mission possible!


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