Celebrating Singapore’s 56th Birthday


Celebrating Singapore 56th Birthday

Both my parents had passed away, and I missed them. I love to browse through the physical photo albums, reminiscing fondly about our lives, our memories, and our time together. Looking through the precious black-and-white family album taken at the Esplanade, brought back beautiful moments. The Singapore River has witnessed the history of the modern state of Singapore from a colonial outpost to an independent country. In fact, Singapore had just celebrated its 56th birthday! The atmosphere was muted as it is the 2nd year of the COVID-19 pandemic. For the first time, the government postponed the National Day Parade to 21 Aug because of the Heightened Alert.


I am always proud of the Singapore National Day. I felt an intense sense of identity and belonging. It is an occasion of special significance to celebrate. I like to register the Singapore spirit, #SGUnited to mark our resilience as a nation. This inspired me to take a tour around the Singapore River to capture pictures and video footage. 


What is more wonderful than creating a music video based on the song ‘Where I Belong’ to express my love for my country( NDP 2001 Theme Song: Where I Belong by Tanya Chua)? The music video is a wonderful way to express such feelings. If one enjoys music and visual arts, it is a brilliant combination to blend the two worlds (See my blog Thank you for the Music). One thing led to another and I created a fun and animated music video based on the song Singapore Town (Singapore Town song on YouTube). The above collage shows some of the design layouts I used in my music video.

Let’s Celebrate

Technology has made it possible to produce nostalgic music videos relatively easily using the smartphone (See my blog Let the Adventure Begin – Create your own Recreation Slideshow). I am grateful and I am reminded of how blessed we are to live in this country. Through music and visual appreciation, let’s celebrate as one people, one nation, and one Singapore! Happy 56th Birthday, Singapore!


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