The Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Adult Continuous Learning

Impact of AI to Adult Continuous Learning

Introduction According to Wikipedia (Note 1), artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence to perceive, synthesize, and infer information from machines. ChatGPT (Note 2) is the latest chatbot based on AI that could have the potential to disrupt certain jobs and industries. ChatGPT can respond to follow-up questions, tweet in the style of a particular author and…

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Tell Your Story and Leave a Legacy with eScrapbook

Tell your legacy story with eScrapbook

Background I felt honoured to present on the topic ‘Tell your story and leave a legacy with eScrapbook’ to share my experience with some 70 participants at the NUS Senior Alumni Tea and Chat session. I was eager to put my teaching experience in recent years into good use. (Please refer to blogs Webinar Series-Nourishing…

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Webinar Series – Nourishing your Soul

Webinar Series - Nourishing your Soul

Background This webinar series focuses on overcoming the emotionally overwhelming challenge of decluttering sentimental things. These include photo albums, travel memorabilia, and souvenirs that just keep on growing in your house over the years. Even if your children have started their own family, their belongings are still with you because you can’t bear to part…

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Creative Grandparenting to Connecting Generations

Background Grandparents have a special role to play. Their experience can provide trusted guidance and help their grandchildren feel a broader sense of safety and stability in today’s lives. Introduction What do grandparents want to share? They like to leave something that the grandchildren can remember them by (see blog Legacy of Life Stories –…

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30 days challenge – Write your Life Story

The Background: We are in an extraordinary time of history battling the outbreak of COVID-19 since end-January this year. Suddenly the world around us becomes quieter, we are advised to stay home and to observe social distancing when we are outside home. During the circuit breaker period (Note 1), schools close and the non-essential services…

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