Building An Active Learning Community of Digital Explorers

active learning community

Building an active learning community


I realised that I am not just conducting workshops to teach seniors about keeping their memories alive. I am building a community of digital explorers who share the same chemistry. 

How the community comes about?

Since running the first workshop at NUSS in Aug 2018, I went on to conduct workshops at the Society for WINGS and the Family Central. I have taught more than 40 workshops with more than 300 individuals. Many of the participants fell in love with the arts of digital scrapbooking and video slideshow creation. They came back for more workshops to refresh and upgrade their skills. As time goes by, the fellowship grows and becomes stronger as the participants get to know each other better.

Showcase of Community’s Works

I encourage the participants to showcase and share their project works on the Orchid Creative Facebook Business Page. Facebook is a widely used forum for Gen X and Y. In addition to sharing their works via WhatsApp, Facebook serves as another viewing channel for their loved ones and friends. These class projects often cover different subjects and perspectives. Some participants shared their active learning experience in their retirement, while others featured their passion ranging from dancing, fine arts, cloud spotting, gardening, baking and travelling. In this process, they decluttered loads of photos on physical albums and their smartphones. Precious memories are kept alive with personal reflection and viewpoints. These are meaningful projects that bring them happiness.


It is true that when we give, we receive much more when life comes full circle. Watching their works often bring a smile to my face. Moving forward, I like to work towards growing the sense of camaraderie among the members. Nurturing, flourishing and growing the community is my satisfaction and rewards. 


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