Electronic Scrapbook – Why and Why Now?

The digital revolution is creeping into our lives in many ways in Singapore. The island nation is well connected with a high-speed broadband network with one of the highest internet and mobile phone penetration in the world. The educational system reinforces e-learning and IT enrichment to prepare students for the digital lifestyle ahead. As parents and grandparents, how can we play a supportive role in engaging and bonding with our technology-savvy next generation? Life-long learning is part of successful aging. We can leverage the technological tools to keep us active, engage the young and connect with others. 

The series of blog posts on this website explores how we can leverage technologies to make life more fulfilling in the digital age. There are many entry points to leverage digital tools and technology in our daily life. We can start by decluttering our physical albums and smartphone photos. We can learn how to organize our loads of pictures. How about compiling our photos into a family electronic scrapbook and creating a video slideshow? Make our souls happy in this creative journey. It is the process and not the destination that counts. Just do it! Sharing our fruits of labour with our loved ones and leaving behind our footprints will be rewarding.

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