Let’s Celebrate Singapore’s 57th Birthday!

Photo Collage Videos by Participants for SG 57BD

Videos by Workshop Participants for SG 57th Birthday


In July this year, I conducted three separate workshops at the Family Central, Society for WINGS and the National University of Singapore Society (NUSS). Every participant will have to complete their class projects and presentations. Singapore is celebrating her 57th birthday in Aug. Hence it is a perfect opportunity to exhibit their works to mark this special occasion.

With the participations’ permission, I have posted the video presentations on my Facebook Business Page (Let’s Celebrate SG 57th Birthday!). I hope this will motivate us to strive for greater height. We can achieve, the same sentiment as expressed by the national day song Count on Me Singapore.


Here is a summary of the links to the videos:

  1. Spring in Japan by Carmee Lim
  2. Blue Danube Cruise by Carmee Lim
  3. East Java Trekking by Yak Beng
  4. Galapagos Islands by Jim Ho
  5. Places Lived and Visited in UK by Linley
  6. My Baking Experience by Choon Yong
  7. Step by Step by Siew Lian
  8. 学海无涯 – 爱秋
  9. The Joy of Cloud spotting by Gina
  10. My Challenging Expedition by Emily

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