Living Your Purpose – Care Pack for COVID-19

Care Pack for COVID-19


I like to help to lighten up the atmosphere as Singapore stepped up restriction with The Singapore COVID-19 heightened alert. It is expected to last for a month between 16 May to 13 June.

The Care Pack

With the world COVID-19 situation getting worse, what I can do to help? I came across a quote, “Do for one what you wish you can do for everyone.” Within my circle of influence, I will offer a Care Pack for COVID-19. The Care Park will enable us to do things we enjoy and keep our souls happy in the creative journey.

There are two little treats to brighten up the day in the Care Pack. They target my advanced class students.

Firstly I am offering an additional 60 days of free usage of the desktop video editing software. For the more tech-savvy learners, they can leverage the expert mode to tell their story like a pro. For those who prefer to create videos without breaking a sweat, they can make use of the novice mode.

Secondly, I am offering an eScrapbook template. In the last circuit breaker, I had converted the book ‘My Life – An Open Book’ by Bill Zimmerman that comes with prompts and ideas into an eScrapbook template. (See my blog, The 30 Days Challenge – Write Your Life Story) Writing one’s life story is a huge project that is difficult to chew on that entails reflection and writing. However, if we break it down into smaller chunks with a fill-in-the-blank visual template, it seems so much more feasible. It will be more interesting because one can include pictures and memorabilia instead of just writing in words. To test how practical is my template, I created an eScrapbook on the life of my late father. It was an effective way to share his life story. His little nuggets and words of wisdom were interesting to the subsequent generation including my cousins and their children who share the common family root. Hence I am offering this template to my students to customise for their own needs.

In Conclusion

I hope to share my gifts of love and find like-minded people to develop a community. A community to help seniors to keep pace with technological transformation through the use of digital tools to tell their stories. I saw the quote ‘Not all of us can do great things but we can do small things with great love’. As I act on my purpose, I am at peace with myself and I relinquish the fruits of my action to the universe.

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