Parent-Child Bonding over Electronic Collage Class

I conducted one course in end-Nov in one of the People’s Association Community Clubs. It was a crash course, within 1.5 hours I introduced cyber wellness, mobile photography 101, electronic collage-making and gave a glimpse of how to make a video slideshow. Luckily the learners were very opened, enthusiastic and receptive. In this class I had lower primary learners. At this adorable age, they were a little timid and shy and looked up to the teacher.  The mothers were a little tech-savvy, eager to learn more to add to their existing knowledge.

At the end of the session, I asked them how would they apply the skills just learnt?

One of them had stored 10-year of her photos all on her IPhone! She was happy to find out how she could organise them into digital albums so that she can find the pictures she needs in the future. She just came back from a family holidays and she was keen to work on electronic scrapbook to record the travel experience. The other parent had been using some mobile applications to work on collages. However, the shortcoming was one cannot go back to edit and make changes to the finished collage. She was very happy to learn about the new mobile app that not only allows her to edit the collage, but she can potentially stitch everything into a video slideshow.

Here was one of the messages that I had received after the class.

‘Hi. My daughter enjoyed a lot today and had made a few scrapbooks! And thank you for the information. I’ll sign my mother up.’

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