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Green Hybrid Chinese New Year Card Idea

In last year’s blog titled ‘Three Electronic Scrapbook Ideas for Chinese New Year’ I mentioned that one can create a personalised new year card and convert it digitally, augment with handwritten message to make it more personalised. Now let me elaborate on the possibilities of this approach. For example, let’s start with the good old…

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Journey of Learn, Live and Share

  To many baby boomers in Singapore, we have the experience of growing up in a third-world country and retiring in a first-world country. This means we had few photos as we grew up, and we could have over-compensated by having loads of photos of our children and particularly those who enjoy photography and travel…

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Three Electronic Scrapbook Ideas for Chinese New Year

Let us stop and think a minute, what has been the subtle impact of technology on our practice of new year traditional custom? Be it Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Pursa or other festive celebration for other races? Has technology disrupted the tradition custom of new year?  Whether it is online purchase of new year…

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