A Reflection on 3 Years of COVID-19 Pandemic

Courage to continue

Introduction During the past three years of the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore introduced a slew of measures, including mandatory mask-wearing, contact tracing, and restrictions on gathering. John Dowey said: ‘We do not learn from experience, we learn by reflecting on experience.’ Hence my motivation behind my self-reflection on the impact of the pandemic on teaching, learning,…

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Living Your Purpose – Care Pack for COVID-19

Care Pack for COVID-19

Introduction I like to help to lighten up the atmosphere as Singapore stepped up restrictions with The Singapore COVID-19 heightened alert. It is expected to last for a month between 16 May to 13 June. The Care Pack With the world COVID-19 situation getting worse, what I can do to help? I came across a…

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Connect to Something Greater than Yourself

I remembered that my ex-colleagues would answer the call every year for the President’s Challenge hosted by the company. They enthusiastically promoted and sold the goods they baked, cooked, and sewed and the sales proceeds went to the President’s Challenge. In 2008 I decided to do the same and set up a photo booth partnering…

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Building the Album of Your Life

A visiting professor of philosophy was invited to the university to give a talk. A student raised his hand and asked, “Professor, what is the meaning of Life?” Then there were moments of silence followed by giggles and murmur. How would you answer this question to the young students who had not seen much of…

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