Learners’ Reflection of the ‘Tell Your Story with e-Scrapbook’ Workshop

After a total of 7 classes since my first class in Aug 2018, it is time to take stock of the learners’ reflections.

I compiled the key takeaways of learners in the form of keywords and the frequency of occurrence to create the word map above. While the word map gives a good visual representation, nonetheless let me attempt to summarise the learners’ reflection below.

A way to look at the feedback is to peel the onion, one layer at a time. Let’s look at the what, the how and the why the learners identified with the workshop.

Level 1: What?

What are the pain points and common challenges of learners who are in their middle age or older many of whom are semi-retired or retired? Many have inherited boxes of physical albums from their late parents and wondered what they should do with them. Similarly, they also accumulated boxes of albums and online pictures themselves. As a result, they can foresee the same problems their children will face in the future. They are looking for a solution to allow the next generation to learn about the family legacy without the burden of keeping them.

They want to digitalise, organise, sort and declutter both physical and online media. Also, they like to compile what’s useful and pass it down to the next generation.

Level 2: How?

They want to know how to summarise, present and share their stories with their loved ones. They are looking for easy ways to recall the content, tell their stories and leave behind their legacies.

The workshop provided them with a timely solution. They could explore how to record, document, journal and present in a meaningful and creative manner. In addition, they learned to be their own creative directors, to challenge themselves and to enjoy the process. As the solution is on a mobile platform, therefore they were able to work on it anytime and anywhere.

Level 3: Why?

Why do they bother? In the class, as they slowed down to work on their e-scrapbook and shared their stories in group presentations, they realised the immense possibilities. They felt inspired about being on this journey together which is therapeutic, meaningful and fun. They saw the potential to record family events in a more coherent manner. In addition, they could capture their memories as a gift to loved ones as they celebrate life’s special moments.

Wrapping it up

In summary, it was with tremendous satisfaction and pride that I observed how the learners had grown to become more confident. Above all, they had overcome initial obstacles to create their first video slideshow and enthusiastically shared it with the other fellow students. This is only the beginning and the adventure has just begun. In fact, many had asked and could not wait to go to the next class! I am grateful and feel a sense of mission to support them in every step of their learning journey.  

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