Leapfrogging from PC to Mobile Platform for Electronic Scrapbooking

Collage-making on mobile platforms took off around 2015 with the perfect storm contributed by the pervasiveness of 4G infrastructure, mobile-native applications, and social media. The PC platform is no longer the prerequisite. The intuitive mobile platform interface makes navigating the complexity of the file system and operating system environment become a thing of the past.

Coming from the traditional environment using PC digital tools such as Adobe Photoshop for Electronic Scrapbooks, I find this welcoming and exciting! Have my skills and experience just become obsolete and redundant? Where can I add value in the new mobile era?

This propelled me to evaluate a myriad of collage-making and video-editing mobile applications on both the iOS and Android platforms since 2017. I see a ray of hope for senior learners and the less technical-savvy adults. In my recent workshop, the age of the learners is between 55 to 80 years old. I employed only mobile digital tools. I am delighted that the learners found the tools fun, enjoyable, and intuitive. Everyone learned the basics quickly and became quite an expert in no time! They found the process enjoyable as they were quickly rewarded with the fruit of their labour! Instead of technical details, I focused on guiding, coaching, and facilitating the class based on composition, theme, and the arts of digital storytelling.

The new trend of technologies (such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning) leads to innovative products and services to manage loads of media (photos, videos, music recordings, etc.). The solutions simplify search, categorization, and organization using visual recognition of persons and objects. The digital tools automate the backup of our media, compilation of digital albums of significant events, and enable sharing via access control. Would the solutions contribute to the simplification of tasks in modern living? We have to understand the trade-off as the answer is not black and white.

In conclusion, technology disruption is here to stay. We share a common purpose. It is about capturing our good memories via digital decluttering, bringing us together as we share, exchange, and feedback. Leveraging on our uniqueness, experience, and new ideas, I can contribute to this community by facilitating a platform to co-create and collaborate in our self-discovery journey to enhance our inner knowing.

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