Building the Album of your Life

A visiting professor on philosophy was invited to the university to give a talk. A student raised his hand and asked, “Professor, what is the meaning of Life?” and then there were moments of silence followed by giggles and murmur. How would you answer this question in a way that is meaningful to the young students who had not seen much of the world, thought the professor? The professor paused, smiled and then replied “Guess what, there is no meaning to life!” to the surprise of the students. They are not prepared for this answer at all. The professor then went on “The meaning of life is to explore, experience and discover life and it is for you to find out.”

As such, what better way to explore, experience and discover meaning of life then to build up your own album of memory?

Why should I care about life memory?

Life memory enables us to get in touch with one’s sense of self and identity, a personal recollection of hopes and fears. It is tied up with remembrance, recalling family, beloved friends, special moments, trips and other events. Very often across time and place in an emotional exchange which is both personal and unique. It is like a process of shuttling back and forth between past and present, much like a time machines.

How do you start?

Firstly, start by focusing on the present and observe such as occasion, wedding, celebration, festive, holidays, or just capture wonder moments of your children.

Secondly, pick up the old practice of photography, scrape-booking or journaling. Use text, paint, and ribbon to embellish it turning it into a sentimental object of special meaning to you.

Lastly, organize them into themes and you will be surprised how rich it can be!

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