Technology Disruption of the Scrapbook Industry is not a matter of When not If

I think that the traditional scrapbooking industry will be disrupted by technology gradually, similar to the publishing and music industry. Notwithstanding, there is still a niche that cannot be fulfilled by digitalization.

Why traditional scrapbook industry is like the arts of brewed coffee? We love the therapeutic feel and touch of physical tools and materials of the traditional scrapbook. The new mobile platform for electronic scrapbook creation is like the art of instant coffee. We can create stylish digital collages for scrapbooks in under 5 minutes with hundreds of free photo grid layouts and cute backgrounds. With a press of a button, we can show off the collage via social media in no time!

Digitalization has enabled most of the ingredients of scrapbooking to be available on the mobile platform. Google Photos has made it easy to find photos of loved ones through facial recognition. Storing and archiving photo and videos on the cloud storage platform enable access anytime and anywhere. Sharing the media with loved ones via social media has never been easier.

How is digitalization going to impact the traditional scrapbook industry? It may be argued that people who enjoy instant coffee are the digitally savvy, less patient, and multi-tasking millennials. However, there remain those who prefer brewed coffee. Sip the cup of coffee savouring the aroma is akin to smelling the roses. Take time to enjoy the creative process for personalized expression. 

The new retail concept is about combining Online and Offline presence. I see that in Project Life range of products. For those who prefer the brewed coffee approach, one can go to pick up the supplies from the local craft store. The rest who prefer an instant coffee approach can go online and download the template instantly and work with the Apps on digital gadgets. Consumers who purchase online will leave behind the digital footprint that retailers would target to promote future sales. 

Disruption of the scrapbooking industry by technology is a matter of when not if. Instant coffee and brewed coffee may coexist now. However, they will converge over time. Let’s see.

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