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Say Goodbye to End-of-Year Panic

Is that time of the year where even the most carefree people are struck with a wave of panic. There are typically 3 levels of reaction as we peel the onion to analyse the feeling. Level 1 – What? ‘Oh dear, what have I done for the year?’ One just realized we are near the…

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Pass on the Festive Spirit in a Green Way

‘Oh I am not prepared for Christmas at all! I have yet to send my greeting cards!’ exclaimed my friend. Do you have the same feeling and hope if only you could find more time-saving tips? Greetings can be sent in the form of physical card or eCard. Physical card refers to the traditional card…

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I’ve Got to Walk the Talk

I’ve got to Walk the Talk As instructor and facilitator for the subject of recreational slideshow making, I need to walk the talk. I was inspired by my friend (Where there’s a will, there’s a mean ) to do a video slideshow to celebrate our cohort milestone anniversary. With an unexpected turn of event, this…

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