Reflection, Reframe and Reorganisation

Many working professionals, full-time housewives, young mothers of school-going children, we just do not have the time for ourselves. We make attempt to be more efficient, better organized and super time management, only to find that more are piling up on our in-trays. The challenge is not so much about how we become better in…

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Electronic Scrapbook – Why and Why Now?

The digital revolution is creeping into our lives in many ways. The Singapore island is well connected with high-speed broadband and well covered with data wireless network with one of the highest internet and mobile phone penetration in the region. The school education system reinforces elearning, IT enrichment workshops to enhance the skills of the…

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Building the Album of your Life

A visiting professor on philosophy was invited to the university to give a talk. A student raised his hand and asked, “Professor, what is the meaning of Life?” and then there were moments of silence followed by giggles and murmur. How would you answer this question in a way that is meaningful to the young…

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