Smartphone eScrapbooking

This is a private workshop consists of 2 sessions of 3-hour duration. The course objectives of Smartphone Electronic Scrapbooking workshop are:

  • Learn how to declutter the photos gallery to free up space on your mobile phone.
  • Learn how to create an electronic scrapbook using pictures on mobile phones that will be turned into a slideshow with the help of the instructors.

Class Arrangement

The class can be hosted at the client's premise, with a group of participants between 4-8.

Course Outline

Session 1: 

  • Introduction to electronic scrapbook fundamentals.
  • Install and use mobile app for collage creation.


Session 2:

  • Introduction to storyboard and building blocks of video slideshow.
  • Install and use mobile app for video slideshow creation.


Learning Outcome

  • Take the opportunity to capture special moments with electronic scrapbook using mobile apps on the smartphones.
  • Understand the basic concepts of collage-making and slideshow creation for electronic scrapbooking.

Note: Participants are required to use their own smartphone.


Ready to find out more?

Contact Lai Siong to if you would like to host the workshop at your premise.