Tell Your Story with Music Video

Tell Your Story with Music Video delivers the following course objectives:

  • Understand how different musical moments in my life can be enjoyed using digital music and latest mobile apps.
  • Understand the concept of music video.
  • Create a simple music video based on your nostalgic music of choice using a mobile app.

Session 1

  • The evolution of digital music
  • Musical moments in my life case studies
  • Music video concept
  • Skill Practice - mobile apps for Musical Moments in my life

Session 2

  • Music video illustrations
  • Skill Practice  - Getting started with MV creation with Step by Step Guide
  • Skill Practice – use building blocks provided to create first MV

Session 3

  • Understand copyrights
  • Skill Practice – Complete my first MV 
  • Skill Practice – How to download music from the Internet
  • Homework briefing

Session 4

  • Class presentation
  • Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Reflection and Evaluation


Note: Participants are required to use their own smartphone.

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